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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Calm Before The Storm}

Well I should start by apologizing that it has been a MONTH since my last post. I greatly apologize!! To say that this experience has been difficult would be a major understatement. This has been an incredibly stressful, trying time for our family! We thank everyone who has reached out to help our family in any way, especially financially. It is very humbling to be in a position of needing to ask for help because Adam hasn't received a paycheck since January. I have been truly humbled by the generosity of those surrounding us!

This past month has been a crazy one. So much has happened, and I will do my best to cover everything so that you can catch up. Adam finished up his last round of chemotherapy about three weeks ago. Shortly after, he was scheduled for CAT scans and blood work. His blood work showed that the AFP marker in his blood that started at over 56,000 was now down to 5 (normal ranges!!) and his CAT scan showed that all the tumors in his lungs, liver and abdominal cavity have all disappeared. His lymph nodes in the abdominal cavity also reduced in size. He had a follow-up MRI on his spine where they viewed from the base of his skull down to his hips to ensure they covered everything. The tumor that was once compromising the nerves at the base of his spine is now completely gone as well. The density changes we saw in his spine at the beginning of all this has also mostly cleared up.

What we did find on the MRI, though, is a spot on his spine. Nobody really knows what it is. Just that a vertabrae (I believe L4) showed up bright white in contrast with the other vertabrae. They don't know if this is a tumor that grew into the bone, scar tissue from the cancer, or something new. We just don't know. So we find ourselves in a tough place. The doctors at OHSU took Adam's case to two separate tumor boards to discuss among the top specialists what the proper next step would be. Both boards came to the same conclusion on their own that a biopsy needs to be done. So we have a biopsy scheduled on Saturday, April 7th. Based on the results from this biopsy, we will find ourselves in one of three situations: if it's nothing - we will go back for follow up CAT scans and MRI's every three months to monitor for any changes along with blood labs, if it's bad he will either have to have radiation which will take 1-2 weeks or, worst-case scenario, a very invasive surgery that will replace several vertabrae with what the doctor's referred to as 'the steel cage'. So, obviously, we are hoping for the best. Between the both of us, we are really hoping for this to be over. Adam has been very happy to be back at work, even though it has only been three days. It has made a difference already in his recovery. We are just hoping that he will get to stay and that we will no longer have to worry about additional treatment.

I promise to keep everyone posted (I will be better, promise!) about what we find out. Thank you again for your support, we truly appreciate everyone!


  1. Seriously, I can only imagine... I soooo hope that it ends up being nothing and you all can move forward!

  2. What happened with little miss Olivia last week? You have had everyone ill in some way or another lately I heard.