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Saturday, April 7, 2012

{Adam's Surgery}

Just a quick update!!

Adam had his double biopsy today. Everything went great, the surgery itself lasted about two hours. They were able to get good samples to ensure they had a sample to work with. They weren't too sure what it was they were seeing and the pathology will take approximately 3-5 days so we are hoping to have answers by the end of this week!! The Dr. sounded very optimistic because he felt the tissue samples that he looked at didn't look too abnormal, so we are keeping fingers crossed!

Adam was able to go home about an hour after surgery. He is relatively pain free but he was sent home with a prescription just in case! He is sore and his back is pretty stiff but he is doing pretty good! He was able to get over to my parents tonight and have dinner with my aunts who are in town!! We will see how good he is feeling in the morning, though!

Thank you everyone for the well wishes of support!! A lot is riding on this week so we continue to try to keep a positive attitude! We will keep you posted...


  1. Glad he's doing okay. I hope there is great news!!