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Friday, December 16, 2011

{And So It Begins...}

Adam has had a long but really productive day! They started our morning with a lung function test to get a baseline reading of his lungs before starting the chemotherapy. He then had a PICC line put in for the duration of his chemo. This will help alleviate the stress on his veins during this process. He will be sent home with it in and they will flush it and clean it every time we go in for subsequent visits. His first day of chemo was good. It lasted about 2hrs and the nurse was really great about explaining each of the medicines as well as the potential side effects. Adam went to sleep at the beginning of it and is still out. When he woke up to get his blood pressure checked, he wasn't feeling queasy so we are grateful that he is able to still be comfortable!

We were able to get some really good news today - Adam's brain MRI from yesterday was CLEAR!! Not that we were too worried, but it is now officially one less thing to be concerned about! The nursing staff has also been so amazing in regards to Adam's pain management. They separated out the oxycodone and Tylenol so that they can give him Tylenol and ibuprofen more often as needed. This has been a tremendous help as he has now been asleep for almost 2 straight hours -- the longest he has been able to sleep in one stretch since the leg pain started! So many wins today and we are happy to be officially past his first day of chemo.

We really appreciate all of the visitors Adam had today, it meant a lot to have your support. We know this isn't the easiest hospital to navigate but it means a lot to us! Miss Olivia continues to do exceptionally well as a resident of floor 13K, I think she slept better than all of us last night! The girls have been well taken care of throughout this process and I just really really appreciate all of the help that we have received! We really couldn't be doing this without any if you. I will post more tomorrow, but today was definitely a win in my book! Love to you all!!


  1. Glad to hear there were so many good things today! Love you!

  2. Life can be such a roller coaster but god gives challenges to those people that are strong enough to survive anything. Your family is in our prayers for a comfertable recovery process. Hospitals can be a hard "home" for families of extended stays, we were there for three weeks with Mason, let me know if you guys need anything...... Snacks, activities, or just an extra set of hands.

  3. We are thinking of you both today.

    -Stephen and Barbara