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Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Let The Fighting Begin...}

As you all may be aware, Adam has Stage III Nonseminoma Testicular Cancer. It has spread beyond the infected testicle to his spine, his liver, his lungs and the abdominal cavity. This is the blog that will house all of the ups and downs that we go through as Adam fights this fight. We aren't doing this for anyone else but to have a record of what it is he goes through and how we all come out in the end! We invite you to share in this journey with us, hold our hands when need it, be our comfort and laughter when it is necessary but above all...be our support.

Today Adam was admitted to OHSU to begin chemotherapy immediately. He will be hydrated tonight and begin treatment immediately tomorrow morning. Olivia and I are sleeping up at the hospital with Adam and my parents are coordinating care for the girls with my sisters help. Adam will be taking a BEP cocktail and will have this chemotherapy for five days. We will then return for outpatient chemo every three weeks for a minimum of four cycles. They are doing an MRI tonight to get a view of his brain and torso. We were told his hair will all be falling out and what to prepare for in the way of side effects.

We really appreciate the amazing generosity of those who have reached out to us during this trial in our lives. You are all amazing people! We thank you for your continued support and for loving our girls so much that I am able to focus on getting Adam through this. Love to you all!


  1. If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell. ~Lance Armstrong

    I will be thinking of you and your family especially Adam. I cannot say I know how he must be feeling .... one can only imagine. Many blessing from my family to yours.

  2. Tiff,

    I will be praying for you guys. Have anyone of the family members contact me day or night if you guys need ANYTHING. I love you guys.


  3. Tif,
    I feel for your family-stay strong-keep your head up-go ahead and cry. Our lives are in the hands of our Father. Praying for you and Adam.
    Always, Sue Canlas

  4. Tiffany, Kathy here. Rachel told me whats going on and I just want you to know that ALL my prayers and positive thoughts are going your way. Please please please know if at ANYTIME you need help with the girls I'm here. It's a bit of a zoo but I know that Payton and Aiden would love to have new friends to play with. Hugs!!! <3

  5. You are amazing. Give Adam our best. I'm so glad you have family close by.

  6. Wow. Just wow. Many prayers going your way.

  7. Keep up the fight. I as well as many with you will be with you in the long haul. It's not just about visiting in the early stages, but helping out when the times are crappy. Take care.

  8. I'm glad to hear you have a plan - sometime that's better than waiting - right! We're praying for you all and are here for anything we can help you with!!! We have 2 of Sophie's stuffed animals from yesterday - I left your mom a message but she didn't call me back so let me know if she's missing them and where to bring them. We can take her any time - we want to help so just let me know!!!

  9. Thoughts and prayers to you guys as you go through this tough time.

  10. Everyone rooting for you Adam. You can do this, you will beat this. Prayers are going out for you.

  11. Tiffany, when my Mom had lymphoma cancer I was still in high school. It was a very hard thing to get through. She had some support but it was mostly just myself and our neighbor for whom I am very grateful for. I see the support your family and Adam has, you are surrounded by people who love you and are willing to help.

    I still remember the day when my Mom first noticed her hair was falling out. I found her crying in her bedroom with a clump of hair in her hand. The only thing I could do was sit by her and hold her.

    I pray for Adam and your family, but especially for you, because I know how much strength it takes to help a loved one get through a difficult thing like this. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I will take the girls any day of the week, just say the word (I know your sis and mom are handling this now, but know that for the future).
    I love you guys and pray all will be well.