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Saturday, December 17, 2011

{Another One Bites The Dust}

Today was another very successful day up at the hospital! Adam was the happiest and most energetic I have seen him in weeks! He is getting some color back in his cheeks and was able to hang out with all the visitors we had today.

Adam is feeling really good still, those meds are working to control his side effects and so far he has only gotten a little tired. He completed his second round of chemo this afternoon, and we are really just looking forward to getting home and getting back into a schedule.

We had many many visitors today and that was great because I really saw Adam be able to relax. It was so helpful to have him see the support and care surrounding him, I think it came at the perfect time! We got to see the girls this afternoon and it was hard because they are having a hard time without us, but they understand that this is all necessary in order to get Adam well again!! I've attached a few pictures from today's visits, and we are looking forward to get past another day of chemo tomorrow!! Love to you all!!


  1. Prayers going out to you and your beautiful family. With Love, Linda

  2. We are SO glad Adam is tolerating the chemo so well! It was wonderful to see the picture with the four siblings! Thinking of you all again today. Hugs to everyone.
    -Stephen and Barbara

  3. We are all praying for you and we love you all! Get well soon and come home. Keep smiling!

    Dennis and Sue Phister

  4. You guys are the best! Love .
    Adam even tho I haven't met him
    Praying for you both

  5. Hey All,
    Adam, your smile warms my heart and my prayers for you just continue. God bless - Jonna

  6. So glad to hear it was a good day yesterday! Nate's jealous of your beard Adam - he spends more time shaving his stubble than he'd like! You guys are amazing and I'm so thankful to know you and for your good example! -Rachael

  7. I agree that it is great to see the four siblings. And Adam still smiles. We are keeping you in prayer
    Ann Hammond