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Monday, December 19, 2011

{Could It Be?}

It is hard to believe that we are already almost done with Adam's first round of chemo. Even harder to believe that we made it this far without falling apart! How does one summarize the feelings that have been coming at us for the past week?! It is impossible, because they change every minute with every possible new issue / diagnosis / test...it is truly amazing how well Adam has done this round.

Today was a good day! The muscle relaxers are working so his hiccups are manageable and the stomach cramping was prevented, he was able to eat today just a little bit slower than his normal pace. But he still has an appetite and that is a blessing! He is growing increasingly tired from the pre-meds and the chemo so I've been trying to make him as comfortable a possible. But other than that, he has been in good spirits and his color looks a lot better!

Today the doctor came in and wanted to know more about the loss of muscle/nerve control in his trunk area. They were concerned that it could still be associated with something else because this is not a common issue. They had Adam do an MRI of his complete spine and we will hear those results tomorrow morning. They did try to take the foley tube out to see if Adam had regained any nerve sensation but he had not so a new one was put in. I could tell that Adam was bummed about this, but I tried to remind him that we just barely started treatment and we have a long way to go, that there is so much room for improvement - I didn't want him to feel like he failed (as he put it)... I could tell it was an emotional set back so we tried to move on and talk about getting to go home tomorrow!! The girls are really excited for us to all be home, and I have to admit that while sleeping on a bed that is roughly the size and comfort level of a park bench has been appreciated, it is not my cup of tea! I am ready to be home. I'm ready to not have to be holding a 16lb baby all day, I'm ready for Adam to be in the comfort of his own home and I'm ready to be distracted by the girls squeals for Christmas!!

Thank you to the visitors that we had up to the hospital today! We had a good visit with Adam's sister Alicia and her new daughter Langley. We also had the chance to visit with Adam's brother Aaron and his aunt Felicia, uncle Steve and cousin Richard! Thank you everyone who has come to see us, it has definitely allowed us a welcomed distraction! Love to you all :)

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  1. Hugs your way!! I'm so glad you guys will be home for Christmas!