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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Day Three}

Well day three is down, and Adam is still handling things fairly well! He has definitely become more and more tired as the days wear on. He is also getting chilled throughout the day so he is staying bundled up and I have the heat set to 70 degrees for him!! His hiccups came back today so he has needed to really eat slow, and this is causing him to lose his appetite a little. I bought him some Ensure to help him stay healthy despite these changes. His nausea didn't really come back today, so that has been a blessing! I will be meeting with the social worker and the nursing staff on Friday to set up the schedule for his next around, and to make sure we get that shot this weekend to help him boost his white blood cells. We will be on pretty much the same schedule as we have been this past few weeks where we will have at least two appointments each week and focus on keeping him away from anyone who is sick!!

Besides that, we have really just been focusing on making sure he is getting enough sleep and taking it easy. We learned today that Adam's close friends with the HHH foundation are having their annual fundraiser on the 29th and with their proceeds they build backpacks with all sorts of goodies for cancer patients at OHSU. It was announced in their invitation that they will be helping with Adam's medical bills with 25% of these proceeds! If anyone is interested in coming, please let me know and I can get you the information. This entire experience has tremendously impacted us and we are so very grateful for all of the help, support, and generosity of those around us. I don't know how we would be getting through this without you all! Thank you for everything, we are so very grateful!


  1. Great news about the benefit/fundraiser thing! That's so great. He is looking good. I hope he can rest and continue doing well.

  2. Hey Adam and Tiffany,

    Keep up the good fight! I will definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. If you need anything, please dont hesitate to ask.
    Greg Zimel