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Saturday, January 14, 2012

{Days Four & Five}

(I apologize for not posting great this week....woke up with a sinus infection on Thursday along with Olivia so it has been a bad week for us!)

Adam completed his second round of chemo this week {APPLAUSE} and we are quite releaved. Though I do have to admit to myself, it had a much greater impact on him this time around than it did the first time and that I wasn't prepared for. Adam has gone from having his lush locks of dark brown curls to almost as smooth as a baby's bum hairdo in a mere month since his initial hospitalization. He looks unwell - when you consider the constant metallic taste in his mouth, the feeling of being cold because he lost his insulation, the dizzyness / nausea from the chemo and then the chemo itself, he has a lot working against him! But he is doing good and the Doctors and Social Worker are really working with us to stay ahead of symptoms rather than finding ourselves having to treat active symptoms. He amped up his nausea meds this week and he will go in for his neulasta (sp?) shot tomorrow to help boost his white blood count.

This round was definitely a bit tougher, as it brought along with it a change in Adam's pain tolerance. From the week prior, he started getting more and more breakthrough pain. Because he is on the long-acting Oxycontin, he has built up a tolerance and even the supplemental Oxycodone isn't helping as much as it used to. They checked him this past week to rule out any clots in his calf because his left ankle was starting to swell a little bit and the pain had come back more swiftly. Luckily we don't have to worry about clots, so we will be monitoring it and if the pain persists despite the nerve pain medication they started him on - we may end up doing a scan to get a better look at it. It is possible the tumor that was compressing those nerves initially has shifted and is now compressing it in another spot. It could also be those nerves healing from the initial tumor, so really we don't know exactly why the pain has gotten worse - only that is has and we are trying to stay on top of it.

This was an especially hard week for us, so I wanted to make sure and say a big 'thank you' to everyone who pitched in and helped us out this week!! The girls were well taken care of and Adam made it to all appointments despite my being sick with a sick baby!! So thank you everyone...I even have a clean house so I really can't complain! Thank you again, I know I haven't said it enough but your help and offers have not go unnoticed and they are warmly appreciated!

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  1. Wow, sweetie, it sounds really hard!!! I'm glad he's doing pretty well, but -wow- I just can't imagine how truly difficult this must be on him and you, and the girls. I've said it before and I'll say it again--I'm so thankful you have so many good people there around you!! I wish I were there to do something, but my heart is with you. xoxo