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Saturday, January 21, 2012

{A Heartfelt Thanks}

Over the past couple of days, we have been blessed by the generosity of friends and Adam's co-workers and I just had to make sure to say a very big, appreciative 'Thank You' for everything!! This experience could be so much more difficult than it has been and we truly appreciate everyone's love, friendship and support!! Your compassion and generosity is just amazing!! We thank you for it all -- the dinners, the cards, everything...you are all so wonderful!

My friend Katie works for Nike and had the opportunity to run a marathon this past week with Lance Armstrong!! She sent a care package to us this week that included a shirt for Adam, a sweet note and some bracelets for the family. We are so grateful for these gifts as they will surely help us continue to remember the positive in all of this...there is a light at the end of the tunnel so long as we stay focused and remember that we are surviving this!!

We also had the opportunity to get a visit in today with some of Adam's co-workers and they were so very generous! They had held a bake sale at work for our family, it was very special to say the least!! A co-worker had also purchased a pair of specialty sunglasses that are made by Oakley and sport the black and yellow for the Livestrong Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from each pair sold goes towards the foundation. This pair of sunglasses was put up for auction to benefit our family, and the winning bidder gifted them to Adam as well!! To some, sunglasses might seem a different kind of gift but this is definitely a special gift for us. For one, the meaning behind it is extra special. The purpose for them (Livestrong foundation) has great personal meaning and when Adam is stuck in a super-lit room with dry eyes and only wanting to sleep while doing his chemo -- these will come in super handy!!

So thank you to everyone! To everyone who has reached out to us, to everyone who has stopped by, to everyone who has brought us meals, to everyone who has helped us in any and every way possible..thank you! We are just barely into this journey but we feel safe and protected from the bumps along the way because of the incredible support of those around us. Thank you for thinking of our family and for your love and generosity! We love you all very much!!

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! Adam looks good. He probably doesn't feel good, but he looks good. :) Hugs to you!!