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Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Gains & Losses}

I must ask you to forgive me for not being so great on the posts here...please feel free to nag me at any point you want an update!! :)

This week has definitely been one of gains and losses for us! Between Adam getting more and more energy as the week wore on, and the progress that my Mom has made while in the hospital - I consider it a big win! But, Adam has started getting more tired these past two days and yesterday we noticed his beard is starting to fall out considerably...so it has been a week of losses, as well! But overall, it has been a good week. Adam went to his appointments for PICC line care to make sure we are keeping that area clean and safe from exposure, and had his Bleomycin on Friday along with some fluids to flush his system. At this appointment, we learned that I will not be allowed to go back with Adam while he is getting his chemo treatments at OHSU. They have a rule that no one under the age of 15 can go with him, and I learned unfortunately a couple of weeks ago that they do not even want Olivia on the floor because her noises cause the cancer patients unwanted stress. Unfortunately for me, because I am nursing and Olivia refuses to take a bottle nor allow anyone to watch her - I will not be able to accompany him! My dad is going to help us load up the iPad with movies to keep him entertained - but if anyone would want to come and sit with him during his next round (Jan 9th - 13th), please let me know and I would be happy to make it happen. I feel bad that he will be alone, I really wish there was a way around it. His appts that week start between 8am - 8:30am and will last a minimum three hours. These will be at the OHSU waterfront building. I will be driving him in / home, if I stay I just have to stay downstairs in the lobby because of Olivia.

Besides these turn of events, we are doing OK. As I mentioned before, Adam had a build in his energy so we have taken advantage of that and have been doing things as a family. We were able to go with his friend Greg to lunch with our crazy girls and it was really good to see Adam getting out again! We know we have to take advantage because as the chemo builds up in his system, he will start to feel the effects of each treatment a little more. I will honestly admit that I'm a bit wary coming into this next round because it will be up to me to make sure he stays on top of his meds / fluids in order to help minimize the side effects. We were spoiled at the hospital because he was receiving constant fluids through the IV and I think that helped to flush it out before it could really settle in and affect him in adverse ways. So this week I will be learning everything about his meds, getting them as organized as possible so that as we enter the following week - we will be able to really hit this headstrong rather than be blindsided by being unprepared!! At least, I'm hoping that will work for me :)

So that's it for now...we continue to appreciate all of the wonderful show of support from our friends and family!! I apologize if it has been frustrating as far as us not asking for much in the way of help, this really is a process, and we are still trying to understand where it is we are struggling so that we know what to ask for help on!! In talking with a good friend of mine this past week, she decided to put together a dinner schedule for the weeks that Adam is going to be in chemo for the months of January and February. This will help us because he will be in the hospital for several hours that day, and then it will be up to me to make sure he is taken care of, along with the three girls, each night as we get home and settled in. Having one less thing to worry about is greatly appreciated!! With that schedule, I will create a "meal train" with the help of our friend Greg, so that if there is ever a need on our part - you can see what it is by simply clicking through this site!! I just feel bad when people offer to help because we can certainly use it...but then the mixture of lack of sleep, screaming baby, sugar-crazed 2yr old and just overwhelming feelings from the past two months events...I just don't know what to ask for all the time!! :) Thank you for bearing with me, I truly appreciate it!! We appreciate all of you and send best wishes for a very blessed New Year to you and your families!!


  1. Gains & Losses is a perfect way to describe it. I think it's especially good to recognize the gains! I'm so sorry you won't be able to accompany him for the next round, but you're right--not much you can do to get around it. I'm SO glad you have so many wonderful friends and family around you. What a blessing!! Glad your mom is progressing well, too.

  2. Tiff,

    I'm glad to hear that you and the family have had good days too! We would love to help you out with the meal train or anything else, if you can think of it. ;) Warm wishes and prayers.


  3. some help to ask for
    clean kitchen
    pharmacy run
    ironing [does anyone do that anymore?]
    scrub bathrooms
    organize mail
    take out trash and recycling
    return bottles and cans
    trips to library

  4. Tiffany and Adam,
    it was great seeing you guys on Saturday. If you want help with the Meal Train just call me and I can help set it up. I will get back to you regarding the other news about the fund through Jesuit. An email has been sent out and now just got to find a meeting time. You guys are great and I will be back in the Couv soon. Call me if you need anything.